Ecodesign energy labelling

Energy Label and Product FicheIn this binder you can find the Energy Label and Product Fiche for all products covered by the EU Energy labelling. They are available for download.

Guide to the Search Function – Browse through the folder structure or use the search function to find the documents you need. The Search Function works as a search engine. This means you can use a part of a product's name to locate your product.

Example: The search string "K 72" will provide the Energy Label of the refrigerator in the SUPERIOR PLUS 72 series. Actually you will get two hits:
SUPERIOR PLUS K 72 G (G stands for "Gas" which is our standard natural refrigerant)
SUPERIOR PLUS K 72 H (H stands for "HFC" refrigerants)

The Energy labels will be different, therefore choose the G-option if you want the energy label of a product that uses green refrigerants.

K = Refrigerator
M = Refrigerator with extended temperature range
F = Freezer


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